Anna’s Story

Anna Rodriquez is a single mother who’s home received damage during Hurricane Harvey. Her roof was greatly compromised, causing interior water damage and mold growth. 

Ms. Rodriguez works hard, but is raising her daughter completely on her own.  Both of her parents have passed away and she does not have any other family members she can count on for support. All of her financial resources are dedicated towards caring for her daughter and keeping a roof over their heads. Ms. Rodriguez shared, “I tried to get a loan for the repairs, but I didn’t qualify. Ms. Rodriguez shared, “The roof was leaking and mold started spreading throughout the house. I didn’t know how I was going to get it fixed.”

Unable to complete the repairs herself, she reached out to Habitat for Humanity Corpus Christi for help. Through the disaster assistance program, Habitat for Humanity Corpus Christi was able to replace Ms. Rodriguez’s roof…“I was just so happy Habitat for Humanity was able to help me with my roof.  I was putting buckets throughout the house to collect water until my roof was able to get fixed. It was a big, big blessing!”

Ms. Rodriguez is extremely grateful to get her roof replaced. However, there are still critical repairs that need to be addressed. Currently, Ms. Rodriguez and her daughter are confined to two rooms in the home because of unsafe living conditions. She stated, “I sleep in the living room and my daughter sleeps in one of the bedrooms.  The other room has mold in it so we can’t go in there.”

Ms. Rodriguez, along with many others in this community need our help.  Habitat for Humanity Corpus Christi would not be able to assist families like Ms. Rodriguez’s without your support! Volunteering, donating building supplies, or even making a monetary contribution are just a few ways you can help.  Contact us for more information by calling 361-289-1740 ext. 1100 or by emailing  You can also visit our website at